Monkey in a Dogcart

Monkey in a Dog Cart played by Bob Tailed Mule.

Key of C usually. Two parts played twice each. Also known as Monkey on a Dogcart.

  • Old 78 of Leake County Revelers [utoob non-video]. This is your best version right here. Recorded sharp of C.
  • Old 78 of Hoyt Ming and his Pep Steppers [utoob non-video]. Recorded flat of C.
  • Danish band Big Hungry Joe aka Bob Tailed Mule [utoob].
  • Jack Mcgee (and who dat?) [utoob] also at Clifftop [utoob] with Spencer.
  • Bogstompers (you only get to see their knees) [utoob]. At the beginning of the second part, Bogstompers are playing C then G. Compare to Bob Tailed Mule who play C then F there.
  • Jim Herd (fiddle & banjo) [utoob or Slippery Hill].
  • Video from Clifftop 2016 [Ms Moonshine].
  • The Old Time Snake Milkers [bandcamp]

Monkey in a Dogcart?

We're not sure "dogcart" should be a word, but there are three kinds. (1) A dogcart is a luggage cart pulled by a dog. (2) A dogcart is a horse-drawn carriage that carries two hunters plus their dogs. (3) Monkeys drive the dogcart in the circus. Fats Kaplin sings words to this tune. He may have made them up but they put the monkey in the dogcart of the third kind.