Julianne Johnson

  • John Wallenbach on banjo with Whitey in Tuscon AZ. There's Pamn in the background cooking the turkey. Here is another video shot in the same room [utoob] played by George and Wormpicker. I have never met any of these folks but I know them all as characters in the J-Walk Blog.

Key of D. Two parts. Both parts end on A chord. Fiddle plays 3-and-1 bowing (three notes slurred on down bow, followed by one quick up bow).

  • Instructional clawhammer [utoob] by BanjoMeetsWorld playing in her yard.
  • The German band Ol' Potatoes playing at the campfire [utoob]
  • Uncle Earl [amazon]
  • Ken Kolodner's instructional CD (sheet music and recordings in three tempos).