Sail Away Ladies

Last Chance String Band. The fiddler is Ryan Thomson, "Captain Fiddle."

Key of G. Two parts. Similar to Great Big Taters in Sandy Land and Sally Anne.


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If ever I get my new house done, Sail away, ladies, sail away,

I'll give my old one to my son, Sail away, ladies, sail away.

Chorus [usually omit the one in brackets]

[Don't you rock 'em, da-dee-o,] Don't you rock 'em, da-dee-o

Don't you rock 'em, da-dee-o, Sail away ladies, sail away

Children, don't you weep and cry,...

You're gonna be angels by and by,...

Come along, girls, and go with me,...

We'll go back to Tennessee,...

I got a letter from Shiloh town,...

Ol' Saint Louie is a-burning down,...

I chew my tobacco and I spit my juice,...

I love my daughter but it ain't no use,...