Hangman's Reel

Prairie Acre, including Trish Spencer on fiddle, with babies on the mamas' backs!

Four parts. Play each part twice. Tune is in A. Fiddle can be cross-tuned AEAE for low 4th part.

  • Another really good version. [Utoob]
  • Old Crow Medicine Show [Utoob] play it fast of course.
  • Just banjo. Gut strings. Inspirational! [Utoob]
  • Slow and simple on lap dulcimer. [Utoob]
  • West Virginia cabin at night with night vision goggles [Utoob]
  • Brad Kolodner solo banjo [Utoob]
  • Darol Anger + Amy Phelps [archive, listen to track #16]
  • Old Crow Medicine Show did it loose & crazy in their early days [live]
  • Ken Kolodner plays it slow, medium, and fast with sheet music on his instructional CD.

Not to be confused with...

The French Canadian version is a trickier and almost another tune. [Jean Carignan] [Chris Ricker] [Yellow Barber] [Notorious]