Liza Jane

Key of A, two parts, usually. There are lots of versions of Liza Jane's story. She died on the train in the old time version.

Old Time Links

  • Jam in the Romney Tent at a rainy 2012 Rockbridge [utoob].
  • Fast jam [utoob] with mandolin.
  • An old record of the Tenneva Ramblers. They played one part only. [The Bristol Sessions]
  • Otis Taylor [utoob record, no video]
  • The Oldtime Stringband of Netherlands [utoob]. (The same band seems to be named "Liza Jane" lately.)
  • Grandpa Jones & Stringbean on TV [no longer available on YouTube].

Other Kinds of Links

Not to be confused with...

  • "Old Time Liza Jane" is a different fiddle tune. It was recorded by Tommy Jarrell, the South Carolina Broadcasters, and more.
  • "Goodbye Liza Jane" is a different song. The chorus goes, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Here's a nice bluegrass show at the general store by Moccasin Gap.
  • "I lost my Liza Jane" is a different fiddle tune. I learned it from Paul Kirk [utoob]. It has an interesting 2nd part.
  • "Old Liza Jane" [utoob] fiddled by Paul Kirk [playlist]. Rick used to sing this one at Beans jams.