Billy in the Lowground

The Haints play Billy in the Lowground for an outdoor square dance.

Billy in the Lowground. Key of C.

  • The Flyin Fiddler [UToob] old time version
  • Johns Fiddle [UToob] easy lesson
  • Halston Williams [Utoob] medium lession
  • Tim Trawick [UToob] clean contest version
  • Bubba Hopkins in [UToob] Texas contest
  • Guitar flatpicking version [UToob]
  • Bluegrass long version [Utoob]
  • This fiddler by the road scratches out an unusual version attributed to a Kentucky fiddler heard on 78 [utoob].
  • Just guitar: flatpicking Wayne Henderson [utoob].
  • Brad Leftwich, Hogwire Stringband [tube].

The Phillips Collection contains 3 versions in C.

Not to be confused with: Billy in the Lowland