Tater Patch

The tune is Tater Patch. Repeated AABB (after a while).

Key of A. Two parts. The longer high part is played twice. The shorter low part can be played twice or thrice. So, the song structure is AABB or AABBB.

  • Tommy Jarrell in Wayne Erbson's field recording [DLA] (AABB).
  • Hear this on the Highwoods String Band's best album [clip at Amazon] (AABBB).
  • Della Mae live bluegrass [tube] (three second parts AND jump the last beat!)
  • Vi Wickam tune a day [tube] (AABBB). Skip to 0:35 for music.
  • Fiddle instruction [tube], one of several slow-downs by the same instructor (AABBB).

Not to be confused with...

Tater Patch the band

Tater Patch the restaurant