Farewell Trion

Trish Spencer + Jack McGee. The video starts at the second time through the second part of Farewell to Trion.

Key of C. Three chords. Three parts. Not square because you hold that long note in the second part.

  • James Bryan fiddles two parts then three in a festival tent with guitar [tube]. Here he is with a banjo on Slippery Hill [mp3]. Here he is at MerleFest 1993 [tube]. He must really like this tune.
  • Very nice solo banjo [tube]. Another solo banjo, slow, extra moves, annoying [tube].
  • Here is jam in Netherlands [tube]; not much dancing.
  • Fiddle and guitar house concert [tube] with fancy guitar work.
  • Notes in PDF [ThreeBeanSalad] or slightly different at [Bob's].

Not to be confused with...

  • Farewell to Ireland
  • Farewell to Whiskey
  • There is another old time fiddle tune with three parts and a long note. Strangely, it has a different name. It is called "The Cat Came Back" [tube].