Little Rabbit

Key of A. Usually five parts. The full five parts might be a combination of two older tunes. Playing all five parts can be monotonous. Some people sing, "Little Rabbit, Where's Your Mammy?" 4 times during the 5th part. 

Not to be confused with...

The Phillips Collection lists this 5-part tune under the title, "Little Rabbit" and the lyrics say, "Little Rabbit, Where's Your Mammy?" The book contains 3 other tunes called "Rabbit Where's Your Mammy?" The third of those tunes, according to the book, is also known as "Walk Along John to Kansas," which is also the name of a different tune that should not to be confused with "Walk Along John" which is the name of 3 other tunes in the book. There is a joke: "You can tell old time tunes apart by their titles." It is not true!