Grub Spring

Mary Jane Epps and Michele Lanan (fiddles) and Joseph Dejarnette (guitar).

Two parts. Key of A. The fiddles usually cross tune (AEAE) and usually play each part twice (AABB). Also spelled Grubb Spring or Grub Springs or Grubb Springs. It can get fancy but a simpler take is better for jamming.

  • Emily Schaad wins first place for old time fiddle at Johnson County Old Time Fiddlers Convention 2008 [utoob]. Grub Spring is the first tune. She plays the high part once (AAB).
  • Brian Grim of Grayson County Va [utoob].
  • We have this tune on great CDs by Tater Patch [CD clips at Amazon and CD baby].
  • Rhys Jones has many recordings. With Christina Wheeler on the Starry Crown CD [rip at utoob, clip at Amazon].
  • This instructional video by Sophie Vitells of Hoppin Jenny includes the a close-up on the fiddle fingers, a slow version by the whole band, and a faster version. They play each part once (AB).
  • The Milliner-Koken collection has two odd versions: Ernest Claunch and George Mert Reves [both links to Slippery Hill]. Here is a video of Milliner & Koken playing another tune [WAMU].
  • Big Jam by the Yahoos [utoob]
  • Brad Kolodner at Clifftop banjo contest [utoob]. He also recorded it with his pop [utoob] and with Alex [utoob].
  • Tatiana Hargraves [utoob] fiddle + banjo.