Buckin Dun

Tobias Enevoldsen (fiddle) and Anders Færgeman (banjo) at 10:40pm. They have versions with five and four players.

A simple square tune in two equal parts. Key of A and fiddle might as well cross-tune (AEAE). Buckin Dun is also called Bobtailed Mule, but so are other old time tunes.

  • The original recording. Bobtailed Mule fiddled by KC Kartchner [slippery hill].
  • Tobias Enevoldsen fiddles with banjo [utoob] or guitar [utoob].
  • Hokum Hi-Flyers on stage [utoob] with harmonica.
  • Uncle Earl live from their pre-recording days [Internet Archive, track 2, music starts 1 minute in]


  • It is fun to say Buckin Dun at a jam.
  • A bucking dun is a grey-brown mule who bucks.
  • Bucking Mule is a completely different two-part old time fiddle tune in key of A.