Cowboy's Dream

Cowboy's Dream in key of D from

Square tune with two parts in key of D.

  • Fly by Night Stringband [utoob non-video]
  • Solo banjo by PlayBetterBanjo [utoob], video at right. Compared to Carney's version, the first and second parts are interchanged as are the order of the two lowest notes in the low part.
  • Solo fiddle instruction by Chris Carney [utoob].
  • Solo banjo by Tim Rowell [utoob] inspired by Koken, he says.
  • Slippery Hill mp3 that is transcribed in the Milliner-Koken collection.
  • The Phillips Collection transcribed a version by Fly By Night String Band.
  • Highwoods String Band live [short clip at DLA].

Not to be confused with...

This old time tune not similar to Cowboy Dreams by Prefab Sprout or Cowboy's Dream by Tommy Emmanuel. It is similar to Cowboy's Dream sung & yodeled by Girls of the Golden West [DLA].