Pretty Polly

Ralph Stanley

This is one of those touching ballads where the singer stabs, strangles and drowns his loving woman then wonders why.

  • Ralph Stanley & Patty Loveless [utoob] with bluegrass band
  • David Rawlings with Gillian Welch [utoob] guitar & sing
  • Coon Creek Girls [utoob] string band, old recording
  • Stringbean [utoob] banjo & sing
  • Dock Boggs [utoob] banjo & sing, old recording
  • New Battery Broadcasters from Charleston SC perform at Galax 2010 [utoob] with Birchfield-style banjo.
  • Old Sledge [5th track]. We bought this CD at Watermelon Park.
  • Identical Strangers [utoob] very clear singing.
  • Queen Adreena [utoob] electronic, pretty strange.
  • Old: B.F. Shelton [mp3 player on The Bristol Sessions]

Not to be confused with:

  • The Missouri fiddle tune called Pretty Polly. Roger Netherton plays fiddle [utoob].