Duck River

Brittany Haas on 5-string fiddle with Darol Anger Republic of Strings. Medley Warning! Dry & Dusty (slow) then Duck River (fast) at 2:27.

Duck River. Key of D. Two parts.

  • Written out in tab on Old-time Fiddle with two sample tracks.
  • Old recording of John Morgan Salyer [DLA] and [PSU]. Jump to the mp3 here.
  • A good old time jam with annoying overhead fan [utoob].
  • A great bluegrass video shot in the shed [utoob]. The band is Chester River Runoff.
  • This fiddler plays some interesting ideas [utoob].
  • Matt Brown's instructional CD [clip on cdbaby]
  • Sugar Pie [utoob] on the porch.
  • Mary Jane and Michelle twin fiddles [utoob].

Not to be confused with...

  • Dubuque (similar tune)
  • Muddy Road to Kansas (similar tune)
  • Nancy Dawson (similar tune). See the Kentucky fiddlers book [google books].
  • Muddy Road to Ducktown [DLA]
  • Twenty Three Miles to Ducktown [DLA]
  • Farewell Ducktown [utoob]
  • The Big Mule (This is a crooked version of Duck River, says J dot Brady.)
  • Ducks on the Mill Pond [OTF]

Similar tune: "Dubuque"

  • Dan Levinson (fiddle), John Walkenbach (banjo) [utoob]
  • Solo fiddle training video by Wayne Cantwell [utoob]
  • Good version, poor video, of Short Mountain String Band live [utoob]