Dry and Dusty

Brad Leftwich plays two tunes in DDAD tuning.

Two parts. Key of D.

  • Eck Robertson [mp3] slow and solo
  • Max Collins [mp3] with sometimes extended B part
  • Morrison Brothers [mp3]
  • Rhys Jones fiddles it slow, for him. We have the CD called All I've Got's Done Gone. You can preview it on [myspace] [amazon].
  • Just for learning the notes, here it is in standard tuning played to a rhythm machine [utoob].
  • Republic of Strings orchestra plays it as a slow classical quintet [utoob] before they medley on.
  • Kenny Baker [LP on utoob]
  • There are several versions on the Slippery Hill list of fiddle tunes in DDAD tuning.
  • The Phillips Collection has 2 versions (print only).