Turkey in the Straw

The Skillet Lickers

Key of G. Two parts. Some versions include Em and Am chords, but most old time bands play just three chords: G + D7 in the low part, G + C + D7 in the high part.

  • J-Walk (banjo) and Whitey (fiddle) [mp3].
  • Driftwood performs it fast [utoob].
  • A pretty good minstrel band [utoob].
  • Bill Monroe played it fast [LP rip, utoob].
  • Lots of notes by Ryan Thomson, fiddler of Last Chance String Band.
  • Vi Wickam fiddles with a loud hammer dulcimer.
  • Painfully slow instructional video [utoob].
  • Practice this tune with recordings on the Old Time Machine. Browse the listing for instrumentation, slow or fast, key, then tune.

This was an old minstrel song with lots of words.