Who Broke the Lock?

Bogtrotters from Galax VA

Key of G. One A part (verse), one B part (chorus).


I was down in the henhouse on my kneesI thought I heard a chicken sneeze.It was only the rooster saying his prayers,thanking the lord for the hens upstairs.
My old rooster, he's mighty oldThings he's done just can't be toldHis toes curled up, he could not scratchBut the little hens say his eggs still hatch
Said the barnyard rooster to the little red hen"You ain't laid an egg since the Lord knows when"Said the little red hen to the barnyard rooster"You don't come around quite as often as you used to"
CHORUSWho broke the lock?Chickens: "I don't know!"Who broke the lock on the henhouse door?I'll find out before I go.Who broke the lock on the henhouse door?