Buffalo Gals

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer of DC play Buffalo Gals (with bits of a different song) on two banjos in G.

Two parts. Can be sung in any key but it is usually fiddled in G or A. It is also called Round Town Gals (or Girls). There is an old time version that is a little different.

  • The Hillbillies, 1926 [utoob] in G.
  • Peet Seeger [utoob] solo banjo in C.
  • Slow solo banjo [utoob] in G.
  • Solo recordings for fiddle lessons at Fiddle Tune Archive. The standard version played slow in key of D (recordings one and two) or faster in key of G (mp3).
  • Lots of lyrics with autoharp in G [utoob] plus lecture.
  • Lots of lyrics with guitar in (sorta) D [toneway].
  • Flatt & Scruggs bluegrass in G [not video].
  • Cowgirl Wanda Neal on guitar in G [not video].

Old Time Buffalo Gals, slightly different tune in key of A.

  • Old time school MP3 recordings one, two, three, and four.
  • NTAD [utoob] says it is the Molskey version.


Wikipedia history of the song. Jimmy Stuart sung it in the garden scene of this movie. The novel is by Ursula Le Guin [amazon]. Square dance on the Lawrence Welk show [utoob].


Buffalo gals won't you come out tonight?Come out tonight, come out tonight?Buffalo gals won't you come out tonight?And dance by the light of the moon.