June Apple

Foghorn Stringband

Key of A. It is modal, going from A major to G major.

  • Rafe Stefanini fiddles against his chest with Grey Eagles at a house concert [utoob]
  • New Hot Times [utoob] just the fiddler
  • We learned it from the CD called June Apple featuring Tommy Jarrell and Kyle Creed.
  • Brittany Haas plays it slow on 5-string fiddle [utoob] (no video)
  • Foghorn Stringband on stage [utoob] (also at right).
  • Unknown solo fiddler at home [utoob]. Endless variations, perfect playing.


Charlie, he's a nice young man. Charlie he's a dandy.Charlie, he's a nice young man. Feed them girls on candy.Going to the hilltop, feed my sheep. Going to the river, Charlie.Going to the hilltop, feed my sheep. Feed them all on barley.Wish I was a June Apple, hanging on a tree.Every time my true love pass, she'd take a little bite of me.Wish I had some sticks and stones. I'd build my chimney higher.Cause every time it rains and snows, it puts out my fire.I'm going cross the mountain, I'm going in the spring.When get to the other side, gonna hear my mama sing.