Duncan and Brady

Original 1929 recording by Wilmer Watts and The Lonely Eagles (sometimes reloading this page helps)

Key of D (or C). A murder song about shooting a policeman.

  • Sharkey Farmers, oldtime contest winners [live video].
  • Born Old [CD baby, mp3 below] key of C.
  • Live bluegrass by Seldom Scene [video] or Johnson Mountain Boys [video].
  • Folk recordings by Dave van Ronk [blog post with video], Leadbelly [guitar or acapella], Bob Dylan [copyright police], James Taylor [nonVideo], and someone named Seth Reese [tube].
  • Wikipedia account of the song/murder


Twinkle, twinkle, little star along come Brady in his lectric car you know he had a mean look, right in his eye Gonna kill somebody just to see him die -- Duncan, Duncan, he was tending the bar In comes Brady with his shiny star He said "Now Duncan, you know you are under arrest" And Duncan put a hole right in Brady's chest. He'd been on the job too long.
"Brady Brady Brady well you know you done wrong Bustin in here with the games goin' on Knockin down windows, knockin down doors -- Now you're lyin dead on the barroom floor.
Old King Brady was a big fat man Duncan reached down took a hold of his hand Felt for his pulse and then he shook his head Said "I believe to my soul King Brady is dead" He'd been on the job too long.
When the women found out that Brady was dead Oh they goes back home and they dress in red Come shufflin and a slidin and a cryin down the street In them sweet little shimmies and them stockin feet Them rubber tired buggies just waitin around Took King Brady to his buryin ground Them rubber tire buggies, them rubber tire hacks, Took him to the graveyard never bring him back He'd been on the job too long.

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