How to pronounce The Low Front Vowel  [ae]
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Let's practice

Other word examples
 Directions: Read the following words, phrases, sentences and tongue twisters correctly saying the low
                 front vowel  [ae] accurately and distinctly.
ax, at, ask
am, as, ant
act, answer, angle
after, actress, actor
attitude, apple, action
amnesty, Adam, add   
album, angry 

cat, batch, answer
cabin, can't, hat
map, bank, thank
hand, man, cab
taxi, sandwich, Catherine
Amanda, valid, captain, 

class champ                                                 ask for amnesty
ham sandwich and salmon salad                 last batch
action and adventure                                    valid answer
Adam's apple                                               Catherine and Amanda

1. The ship captain is in the cabin.
2. The actor has an arm tattoo.
3. Ann had ham sandwich and salmon salad for brunch.
4. The scandal was in the tabloid.
5. Catherine and Amanda are very popular actresses.

Tongue Twisters

1. How can a clam cram in a clean cream can? 
2.A canner can can anything that he can but canner can't can a can.
  Can he?

 Article reading

Instructions: Read the article correctly saying the / ae / sound accurately and underline
                         the words with the /ae/ sound. Then answer the following questions.
                                                                        Man's Brain
On the surface, man may look defenseless when compared with other creatures. He does not have the talons of an eagle;
neither can he run like a gazelle to escape his predators. Man has eyes, but his eyesight is not as keen as the owl's. Man can
swim, but not as fast as a fish. Man is covered by body hair but it is not as thick as the gorilla's protects him from heat or the
cold. How then can he survive?
Man's brain is far more complicated than that of any other animal. With his brain, man creates and invents. He invented the
airplane so he can fly like an eagle, the automobile, so he can run like the gazelle, the ship and the submarine so he can
swim like a fish. He invented the telescope and the radar to serve as an extensions of his ears and eyes. His clothes
cover his body from the heat and cold.
1. What is being compared?
2. What basic idea is emphasized by the comparison?