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B.C. Highway Geocaching

posted Jul 3, 2010, 7:47 PM by Serena Beck

On the way through B.C., it's fun to stop at a highway turn off, have a bio break, check the GPS and discover that there is a cache at the rest stop. This is how we found HWY #5 Break Cache. The view is beautiful at this rest stop, except for the trees clinging to the side of the mountain like a man's stubble on his chin (due to fire sweeping across the mountain). It's also a great spot for watching the trains go by.

We stopped at Smiley's Moose Pail by Moose Lake near Mt. Robson because I needed to take a bio break. The outhouse was rather clean and impressive too.  Ensure that you check for trains before grabbing this cache.

The tracks (I forgot to take a pic of the actual cache)

Awww pristine B.C. mountain air