The Plan

Serena and Colin take off on a pivotal trip marking the transition into adulthood in the best way they can think - 6 month of traveling around the world.

Join us on our adventure into the heart of old and new Europe where we'll be visiting castles in the UK and hanging with the extended family across the pond. We'll also be joining up with some new friends to motorcycle across Italy, staying in a little french village, touring the best of the Greek God's architecture from days past and taking in Oktoberfest at it's finest in Germany.

We'll depart Russia on the fabled Trans Siberian Railroad and trek through some of the most isolated and desolate lands on our way to Beijing China. After conquering the Great Wall of China, we'll jet-set over to the land of the rising sun. Historical samurai will clash head on with the futuristic city scape of downtown Tokyo set to the tune of energetic J-Pop music. Nothing spells paradise better than relaxing on a beach, and that's where we'll be headed next. Thailand offers some of the best beaches in South East Asia and it offers one more thing: a friend of the family's resort, where we'll be lazing away the days and nights.

We bring close to our journey by visiting a city that has more than one million people move in and out of every day for work, the number one most population dense city in the world and home to a few of Serena and my friends: Manila in the Philippines. We plan to see everything the city can offer, as well as take in some of the beautiful neighboring sites including a private resort and a lake in a volcano in a lake...yes, you read that right. We'll also be spending the holidays in Manila's +30 degree weather - we hope to put the presents under a palm tree. Shortly after spending New Years in the land of karaoke, we'll be heading home to cure our built up home sickness.

6 Month Trip