Advanced Photograms

Anna Labbe

An Egg in the Sky

APRIL 23, 2019

For this project, the objective was to create a photomontage with images from a magazine, and then create two film photograms with that photomontage. For my photomontage I decided on using an image of the Golden Gate bridge and surrounding landscape, and added in images of food like a popsicle for one of the bridge pieces, a fish in the ocean, broccoli as the trees, and then an egg as the sun in the sky. However, as I began to run test strips of my image in the dark room, I found that they were running really dark, even when the exposure was at 1 second and the aperture was on it's lowest. So, I was advised to use the filters that added more contrast in images, and found that it worked a little bit, but you ultimately couldn't really see anything in the image aside from the silhouette of the bridge and the egg in the sky, which is the first image.

For the second image, we had to alter our photogram in some way. I had no idea what I wanted to do at first, but upon realizing that my original photogram had a lot of black space and just looked kind of silly with just the bridge and the egg in the sky, I decided to get rid of a lot of the black space. To do this I cut out letters that spelt "an egg in the sky" and arranged them on what I knew to be the darkest parts of the photogram. Then, because they covered the light-sensitive paper, the image printed exactly the same as before, but had the words "an egg in the sky" and the egg in the sky too, so my image is kind of weird, but I like it! The only thing you can really see is the egg in the top left corner, so why not point out the only object with the letters?