Blind Contour

Here are two of my "Blind Contour Drawings". The point of this assignment was to complete a blind contour drawing of myself, and another of my hand doing some type of gesture, then turn my favorite one into an actual drawing/painting/work of art. The drawings were to test our brain in both trying to memorize the objects when drawing them, and also test the creativity in which we had to use to finalize our favorite drawing.

Blind Contour is when the artist choses and object and draws it without looking down at the paper, finding our way across the page. Then, when it is done, we see how our eyes transferred the information to our hand and how it came out across the paper, even if it isn't perfect. As can be seen, I chose my hand gesture to finalize. First, I had to draw my hand in a "thumbs-up" position without looking at the page. After this, I realized that it didn't really look like a "thumbs-up" at all. To find in my head a way to change this drawing into something different, I flipped the paper around a couple times, studying it until I found what position I liked. My brain processed the actual thumb part of the hand to look like the snout of some type of animal: specifically a wolf. I then drew the rest of the outline of the wolf's head, using the inside lines from the blind contour as marks of the wolf. After coloring and shading the wolf with a black colored pencil, it was lacking color. I decided to create a large yellow halo around it, kind of looking like the moon is rising behind the wolf. I created this "moon" with yellow watercolor and also made the iris of the wolf with the same color.

In my head, I can't think of the exact reason of why my brain thought of a wolf when deciding how to finalize my project. Many other people were turning their's into more abstract designs, but I couldn't really connect with that because I've never really done work with abstract or thought it interested me. Now, thinking about it, I realized my brain recognized the drawing as something I love; animals. The color yellow for the background and eye were inspired by my favorite color (because yellow is my favorite color), and I thought that they made the most interesting and shocking contrast with the black, white, and gray.