Anna Labbe


FEBRUARY 23, 2019

For this project, the goal was to create an image that has to do with our personal idea of love, or what love means to us and what represents it. One thing that I love is my cat Waffles, and also my sister's cat Luna. They're so fluffy and cute, and I thought that they would make really great photos! Unfortunately, photographing my cats is harder than I thought it would be, because after taking many pictures of them both, I looked back at the images and they were almost all 100% blurry. One thing that I wanted to capture about my cats was their eyes, because they both have really cool, green, almost cloud-like eyes that just look really pretty. Their eyes are also really big, so I joke a lot that our cats have the eyes of aliens. After looking through those pictures, I decided on this one of Waffles where he is sitting right at the window, and the natural light is coming in and illuminating his eyes in a really cool way. However, after playing with the color for a while and the saturation, I decided to leave the photo in black and white because something about the colored lighting of the image was weird, like maybe my shade made it look too yellow. I also sharpened the image because since it is a close up, I thought it would look cool to be able to see the individual hairs on Waffles and the texture of his eyes and nose.