Beautiful Oops

Anna Labbe

Oh No

SEPTEMBER 13, 2018

This is the Beautiful Oops project. For this project we each received a blank piece of paper with random ink splots/drops on them. My beautiful oops is a tyrannosaurus rex chasing a Compsognathus. The beautiful oops is always a project that I really like, but I always struggle with at first. After finding my concentration last year, making the beautiful oops this year was very easy for me. Almost every ink splot that I saw could be translated into some type of dinosaur because there are so many of them. I decided on making a dinosaur piece that was a little different from the other ones that I had been doing. I also have been experimenting with india ink this summer and doing things similar to watercolor with it, so I wanted to bring that into play too. I first started with making an outline of a Compsognathus. One thing that I think about a lot with dinosaurs is how we never really will know what their skin looked like. What kind of patterns they had, if they had feathers, things like that. That's why I decided to use the beautiful oops ink splot as a pattern for my small dinosaur. Then, I decided to add a tyrannosaurus rex to make the composition more interesting.

I made this project with india ink that was watered down and found that it was a really interesting material to use. It's like watercolor but with black and white. I used watercolor brushes to paint with the ink, and found that it worked really well. I think this is a process that I will do more and maybe even make a dinosaur beautiful oops series.