Anna Labbe

Pachycephalosaurs Print

For this project I wanted to try another new process! I hadn't done linoleum printing in a while, or any other type of printing that wasn't screen printing, so I wanted to go back to that process again. I had the idea in my mind of doing a series of intricate dinosaur skulls as prints, but after this first one, I've kind of scrapped the idea because it proved to be much more difficult and dangerous than I thought it would be. I began with carving a clean, cartoon-ish dinosaur skull out of a linoleum block, but then I discovered that I really, really don't like linoleum as much as I remembered in my head. So that was out. Next I tried rubber, and I liked that soooo much more! I scrapped my cartoon-ish dinosaur idea with the rubber because I discovered when carving with a rubber block, you can get so much more detail and awesomeness. So, I designed a Pachycephhlosaurus skull (because they're one of my absolute favorite kinds of dinosaurs!) and got to work on carving it out.

While it was much easier carving it out of rubber than out of linoleum, it still took me quite a while to do, and I had to be very precise with the small teeth and cracks of the skull. I really liked how the print came out in the end in black on white paper, but I also wanted something more than just a plain, black print. Recently, I've been seeing a lot of those 3D-type tattoos where the image is printed once in red and then again in blue, but slightly off of the first one so it's kind of a dizzying, 3D effect. I figured this would be the perfect design to try this out on, and got to work! I made quite a few pages of just individual blue and red prints, because I was only planning on having one 3D dinosaur for the final project, but I ended up really liking how multiple looked on one page!