Color Study

The objective of this project was to recreate an image of someone by mixing and using colors. We had to pay attention to all of the colors in one square and use other crooks to get that exact or almost shade. The point of this project was to get us used to mixing colors and the range of colors that we had to create in order to get the right shade.

To do this project I used oil pastels and the gridding technique. First, I gridded the actually picture, and then the piece of paper so I could get a good transformation from the picture to the paper. Then, going square by square, using the original picture as a reference, I copied the colors that I saw in the tiny squares and mixed them in the same square on the piece of paper using the oil pastels.

For inspiration for the project, I chose my cousin Logan to recreate on the piece of paper. Logan unfortunately died when he was six, and I was six too. He's always been a big influence in my life, a big part of my family life, so I wanted to dedicate an art project to him. I also chose the picture because it is a picture that I see a lot: hanging in my fridge, in my family member's houses, and all over Facebook, so I wanted to use a picture that I was familiar with.