Focusing on Abstraction

Anna Labbe


APRIL 9, 2019

For this project the objective was abstraction. I wasn't really sure what I could do with abstraction at first, but then I discovered that abstraction is literally anything, just at a different view or up close, anything that makes it look not what it is. For this project I was really focused on books for some reason, because I really like the way that they look when they're stacked in different ways. My sister and I have a really big comic book collection, and she has sooooo many The Walking Dead comics, and their colors are all super coordinated and look really nice on her shelf, so I was inspired to take an image of those! I took a lot of different pictures of the same stack arranged in different ways in order to get a variety and see which version really is abstracted.

In editing, I had to fix a lot about the lighting and the color of the image that I ended up going with, which is the comic books splayed out like the stack has been knocked over. I took the images at night in my sister's room, so the lighting was very yellow and kind of bad. So, I decided to lower the saturation and add a blue tint to reverse that ugly yellow lighting, and make the colors seem more uniform and dull than they already were. I then couldn't decided if I like the image better in black and white or in color, so I did both! I also decided to flip the image to the side to make it even more confusing on what the object is!