Zentangle Value

The objective of this project was to create a "strip" of designs, ranging through the values. Meaning at one end was the darkest color, black, and at the other end was the lightest, almost-white. Then in the designs in between the designs got darker and darker until they lead into that darkest value at the bottom. The designs could be anything, patterns or drawings, which made this project more interesting for me because I love patterns and creating them. Then, from far away, it should look like the strip is getting gradually darker and darker.

To do this project, I had to first separate the paper into 11 different sections, then come up with designs with for all of them. This part proved harder then I thought because after completing only a few sections, I discovered that it is pretty difficult to come up with 11 different patterns. For this assignment I had to use graphite pencils ranging from 2H to 6B so I could get the markings to be darker without imprinting the paper which is not good. After I finished all of the designs, I re-went over the patterns to make sure that the were the right value, then looked at the strip from far away to determine if it gradually went down in value.

For this project, it is very hard to pick out specific reasons for how I was inspired and what inspired me. I have always been into creating patterns and repeating shapes, so a big part of the designs have specific patterns that were followed and shapes used. I was inspired by some of my friends projects, also. After getting artists-block (don't know if that's a thing), I looked at some of their's and were inspired by their designs and made changes to them, creating my design with my ideas with their permission.