Independent Project #4

Anna Labbe


JANUARY 12, 2017

This is the fourth project in my independent series. This is a drawing of a pachycephalosaurus, one of my personal favorite dinosaurs known for their tough, rounded bone skulls. This pachycephalosaurus is among some flowers that I drew, like roses and sunflower-like plants. This project was made with a black pen and watercolor paints. The work is composed so that there is a dino and a frame surrounding the dino to take up some of the white space and incorporate more clean lines that match the dinosaur.

In the beginning of my project, it was originally just the pachycephalosaurus and the frame with the three flowers on top and then the rose at the bottom. I painted the dinosaur blue because to me the dinosaur just looked like it should be blue. I wanted to paint the rose and flowers a nice light pink, so I did so. However, there was a lot of white space in the background, so I decided to activate the background by adding some flowers coming out from behind the dinosaur. Unfortunately, the colors I used were way too dark for the look I was going for, so if I were to do the project over again, I would definitely fix those colors and come up with a more well-planned palette that matches well.

I decided to draw this particular dinosaur because it is one of my favorites. I haven't really ventured into drawing dinosaurs that are actually alive yet, so I figured after the mechanical project was a good time. This project is almost an opposite response to that one—where the mechanical project was dead and colorless and mechanical, this one is colored with a living creature and living organisms surrounding it. I really enjoyed creating this project even though the colors didn't turn out as desired, and I would/will definitely do this again with another dinosaur.