Independent Project #1

This is the independent project that Leora Doyle and I did for art class. We decided to work together for a project and I am super glad that we did! We often (in our freetime) like to do exquisite corpses, so we decided to make a project based off of that. In an exquisite corpse we each draw a part of a body without looking at what the other drew, and then put them together to form one weird-looking creature. However, this project was a little different than a normal exquisite corpse, because we wanted it to be a little more uniform and planned out so that it didn't look thrown together.

We did this by taking a couple designs and ideas from past exquisite corpses we made and compiling them all into one large one, with three head designs we liked, three body designs we liked, and three bottom/feet designs that we liked. We arranged them in the order that we wanted to too, so I guess we kind of cheated and broke the exquisite corpse rules. We also decided to make a palette for each creature that would designate their body parts and separate them from the others. One of the challenges I personally faced was figuring out a way to make it look random and almost unplanned without it actually being pretty confusing and still have some element of order.

I completed 4 of the blocks, while Leora generously completed 5. The four that I did are the wings and tentacles of the blue monster, the body of the yellow monster, and the head of the red monster. I really like the way that they came out, especially with the outlines highlighting the colors and contrasts between tiles. I also really like Leora's tiles too! I think that with this project we were both able to express ourselves and our art styles while still being able to work together and create something that we both enjoy doing.