Leading Lines

Anna Labbe

Clothing Hangers

JANUARY 2, 2018

For this project, the goal was to successfully create a roll of film, a contact print, and one enlarged print from that roll using the leading lines composition technique. A lot of my images were taken in and around my house, in the snow and lines around my house. When I was taking the pictures, I didn't want to use flash or anything because I was taking them right when the sun was lower in the sky, so I thought the natural lighting might be enough. Then, when I was taking pictures in my house, I kind of had to settle for the lights that we had already on in my room and kitchen, because it was night time.

There are a few images that I really like from this film series, yet there are also a few images that I'm not really sure if they qualify as leading lines images. I was being kind of picky when I was taking the images, just to make sure that I had a wide variety of pictures to chose from if some of them turned out not to be leading lines or not well-positioned. One picture that I really liked was the top right image, of the tire tracks in the snow. I also really liked the picture that I took of my mom with the phone cord, but that one was out of focus and blurry.

The first image that I chose to enlarge as a solo image was the middle bottom image, of my closet from far away, lit up on the inside. However, when I developed this image, it came out very blurry and with many problems and scratches on its surface, so I decided to enlarge another one. The second image I decided to enlarge was the clothing hanger images to the left of the closet one, because I thought it was a good example of leading lines. However, this one also turned out a little blurry. I think maybe when I was taking the full roll of film I wasn't being steady enough, and that's why a few of my images are blurry!