Pure Contour

This project was sort of like a prequel to the Abstract Shoe Drawing. As explained in that description, the objective was to draw three different views of a shoe with pure contour lines which are also described with the Abstract Shoe Drawing.

I first chose one of my favorite and most interesting shoes and drew it three times using only pure lines that were the most visible, no shading. I drew a front facing view, birds-eye view, and side view. First, using only a pencil, I sketched the general shape of the shoe and important lines where things needed to be connected. Using these sketches as a guideline, I then drew the other lines of the shoe, making it so that there were no "hairy lines" only pure, thick (or thin), prominent lines on all three shoes (bottom). Then, using a view finder, I zoomed in on one section of one shoe, drew it, zoomed in again, drew it, then zoomed in, and drew it once more so that I had three zoomed in re-creations of one section of one of the shoes. The point of this was to practice enlarging and proportion.

The inspiration behind my drawings where are in the shoes that I had chosen. I chose my favorite pair of shoes, not only because they were the best, but also because they had the most interesting lines ranging from the stitching and the Converse logo on the side which would make the drawing more detailed without all of the shading and unnecessary lines. I also chose my high tops because they were the shoes that tell the most story about me and the shoes that represent me the most.