Blind Contour Drawing

Funny Dinos

Anna Labbe

SEPTEMBER 23, 2018

This is my blind contour drawing, or drawings I should say. The goal of this exercise was to practice observational drawing while not being able to look at what we were drawing. This exercises our ability to follow lines as they actually are, and not drawing what you think you see. I always find this exercise really hard and challenging, but I always like the way that the drawings turn out. After drawing one dinosaur, and finding that it looked really silly and bad, I decided to just focus on different body parts of different dinosaurs and make a collage of different dinosaur drawings. I think there may be at least four different types of dinosaurs represented.

After making the pen drawings, our job was to "extend" the blind contour drawings, so I decided to color mine. I really like watercolor and pen drawings, so I decided since the pen drawings looked kind of silly, the watercolor didn't have to be perfect. I decided to do the colors that the dinosaurs actually were, in order to make them look semi-normal. I had a lot of fun with this project, and I think it will be good reference for making breadth images in the future.