Time Capsule

The assignment description of this project was to create four different drawings. The four drawings were to be an object we found interesting (top left), a view of our hand holding something (top right), a self portrait (bottom left), and a corner of our room (bottom right). The point of this assignment was to create four pieces of artwork that we could look back on near the end of the year later on, name "Time Capsule Drawings" for this reason.

As can be seen, all of my drawings were done with pencil, just in black in white. For this project I was only comfortable completing in plain pencil with no colors because I felt as though I was not experienced enough with color pencils and did not want any mistakes I made with them to take away from the actual drawing. The process for the drawings were fairly simple and easy for me. For the object that I found interesting, I just put it in front of me and sketched it, mostly paying attention to the detail on the label and such. For the drawing of my hand holding a baseball, I just looked at my hand holding a baseball, sketched it, and then added more detail after. For the other two, I looked in a mirror at my face, paying attention to the details that made me different, such as my hair and eyebrows, and for the room drawing, I sat a chair in the middle of my room and chose my favorite corner.

There are a few reasons why I chose to draw what I did for the drawings where I got to chose. The self portrait was just simply a self portrait, so not much inspiration was need for that. The other three drawings had more meaning with them. For example, my interesting object drawing depicts a propane tank, the reason behind this being that that particular drawing was done at my camp, the last weekend I was ever there, and I wanted to draw something interesting there that would always remind me of where I spent so much of my life. For the hand drawing, I chose to hold a baseball in my hand. The reasoning and inspiration behind this is simple: I have always loved the sport of baseball/softball and I have always felt as though when I'm playing it, it drags me away from real life for a moment, much like it does when I'm painting and creating art, and I wanted to connect the two. Lastly, for the corner of my room, I chose the corner that I felt represents me the most. It may not look like much is going on, but if it is looked at closely, one can see the poster that I have the represents all the connections I have with music and movies that mean a lot to me. Also, all of the trophies on my shelf represent all my years of school, playing basketball and softball and little bit of karate all the way through. Looking at the trophies gives me a sense of sadness, knowing that all of my elementary and middle school years are over and I am getting older.