For these projects, the objectives were to create three drawings using perspective, viewing some shapes, a room I created, and a hallway from the school. The first drawing was a practice to get me used to using a vanishing point and what lines to connect to the vanishing point. The next project was to create a room using certain requirements, (a couch, two chairs, a rug, etc). This project shows how to create perspective in a room, making 3D shapes and showing how someone would view them if they were standing in that room. The final drawing was a view I had from a hallway in the school. This project was a summative and unfortunately that picture isn't very good but it's the only one I have of my drawing before I had to hand it in.

All of these drawings were somewhat a struggle for me. The thing I had the most trouble in was picturing where certain objects would go, chairs and paintings, and how to make them connect to the vanishing point, which is the point where all of the objects connect to because it is in the person's line of sight. When creating these drawings, the first step was to create the vanishing point, which wasn't very hard. Then, using a ruler, I created to four walls of the room by drawing lines from the vanishing point to the corners of the paper. Then I had to draw basic lines of objects, such as the front of a couch or garbage can, and then connect the corners to the vanishing point, making it seem as thought the couch goes farther than 2D and looks real. This is where I had the most trouble completing the projects, for some reason it was very hard for me to find the where the vanishing point would connect to an object.

The project that I had the most fun with out of the three was the second one, the one where I got to make up my own room. At first, I had the view to create a restaurant that would still meet all of the standards, but it proved harder than I thought when it took me about 15 minutes to complete a small booth at the back of the restaurant. I still wanted to keep going with the idea, but knew that to be able to do it on time I had to improvise and not make it as complicated as I originally wanted to. The restaurant represents a restaurant in Bethel, Maine which I have been to a few times and interested me. It is interesting because the actual restaurant is underground so one as to go down the stairs to get inside. The other two projects did not require as much creativity, seeing as the first one was a few random shapes for practice and the third one was a summative where I had to draw an actual hallway in front of me instead of making up one.