Scratch Board

The objective of this project was to re-draw an image in a piece of scratch board. Much like the Creating Value project, I chose a picture, gridded it, and then recreated it. However, this project was a little backwards. This is because instead of drawing the shadows of the image, this project required us to draw the highlights of the image. It was a bit harder than the other project because we had to get used to focusing on the highlights of the image instead of the shadows.

This project was completed by using a small scratching knife and the black scratchboard. I began by completing the background of the picture and not my cat because I was inexperienced with scratchboard and a little nervous of starting off with the intricate fur. I used lines that were closer and farther apart to give off the lighter and darker tones of the picture. Cross-Hatching was a little confusing for me and I wasn't comfortable with it, so I decided against using that technique. When it got to the cat, I went line by line creating each hair of the fur in the direction the fur was facing.

My inspiration for this project solely (and obviously) came from my cat Waffles. I wanted to play around with drawing fur, so I decided to take a picture of my cat the he was a kitten so I could have fun doing the project. There were several pictures that I could have chosen from, but this one showed the best range in value.