Multiplicity and Selected Color

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These are my two images for the multiplicity and selected color project. Multiplicity is a large number of things, so in photography multiplicity is the same thing multiple times in one image. Selected color is when in a picture, only selected items are colored and the rest of the photo is in black and white. We had to combine these two prompts to create two images, one a self-portrait and one of another person or object.

The first image is of my dad in my kitchen, and to take these images I set up a tripod and took various pictures of my dad hanging out in the kitchen, and then used photoshop. I used the magic wand to outline each version of my dad, and added them all to one background. I did this exact same process for the bottom image, which is of me in the costume cliff, hanging out on the huge ladder there. Then I changed the pictures to black and white with a layer gradient, and erased where I wanted the color so that only selected items from the image were colored and the rest was in black and white.