The objective of this project was to practice creating prints. The four final prints shown here are the best prints out of all 28 I had made, ranging in backgrounds and color. The final project had to consist of four prints, one regular, one multi-color, one printed on a non-traditional background, and one to be hand-manipulated after I printed it. This project had us practicing carving molds/printmakers and practice using printers and ink that we hadn't used before.

The first step of this project was carving out the shape of my image. We used linoleum to draw on our designs from a picture we'd taken, then used carving knives to carve out the white space. For me it was hard carving out the white space because my image was a little confusing on the left hand side. Then, once I'd finished carving the linoleum, I used a roller and ink to print the image on white pieces of paper at first. If there were any mistakes, I could go back and use the carving knifes to fix areas that were a little messed up. Once I got the hang of basic printing, I started to use other colors and non-traditional backgrounds for the there prints. Finally when I had my four best prints I went back and hand-manipulated one of them.

This project took place right after April vacation, so I wanted to use a picture that I had taken during April vacation since I had so much fun during it and missed it. I decided on using one of the pictures I had taken from a building in Harry Potter World. I was very inspired to use something from there because after walking through the park, I realized how much art and work from the movies had gone into making the park look like an exact copy of the movie and book descriptions.