The objective of this project was to contribute to the new school's artwork. Using an aerial view of a place in Durham, Freeport, or Pownal I drew out the lines that I saw on my selection. I then used paint to re-create the view but more abstract. Everyone contributed to this project by choosing their own aerial views and these will be going up in the new Freeport school.

First, to do this project, I went on Google Earth and chose the place that I would be re-creating, which was one of the several horse farms from Durham. Then, I took a large wooden block and re-drew all of the important lines I saw from the aerial view. Using a specific color options given to us by Mrs. Medsker, I then painted all of the areas that had lines around them or created shapes. To make it more exciting I then used an oil Sharpie to make some patterns.

The place I chose to do is a horse farm in Durham. There are any horse far,s in Durham, but I chose this specific place because it holds a lot of memory for me. I've never been there before, but I pass by it almost everyday going anywhere, and it has a very interesting land layout. I chose the colors that I did because I was inspired by the colors of the farm, I wanted to make the grass green and such, and I also really like cool colors. The patterns came purely from the fact that the silver Sharpies looked really cool and I really wanted to use them.