Beautiful Oops

The subject of this project is a fish! This was the Beautiful Oops project, where we had to take ink blots and turn them into something else, a beautiful art piece. The setting of this piece is in the ocean, where a blue tang fish is swimming through some coral. My original ink blot was one full dot, and then an outline of a black circle. The black circle reminded me of how blue tang fish have that one circle of blue surrounded by a black outline on their bodies, so I decided to make one.

I used blue watercolor paint for the background because I thought that it would give me the most water-like blue background to work on. I didn't want the water to look too flat, so I decided not to use acrylics. However, I did use acrylic paint to make the blue tang because they are very solid colors, and don't have a lot of blending/mixing, so I thought that acrylics would work well with that. Once I finished with the black, blue, and yellow of the fish, I realized that I could create some contrast by adding red because I already had two out of three of the primary colors. So, to add red, I decided to paint some red coral around the fish, because blue tangs often hang out around coral and anemone.

I chose to make a fish because this particular type of fish reminds me of a certain Disney movie. I also really like having/seeing fish because for almost my whole life when I went to the same daycare, I was the fish-caretaker and was in charge of feeding all of the fish there and cleaning their tanks.