Geometric Shadows

Anna Labbe

Hiding Behind

FEBRUARY 9, 2019

For this project I kind of knew what I wanted to do from the beginning, I just wasn't sure how to properly execute it. I had the vision of someone with perhaps tears or water on their face, for my water concentration. I knew that I somehow had to incorporate geometric shadows in it too. When I thought of geometric shadows I thought of window shades and natural light, but I wanted to find a more unique shape / pattern for the geometric shadows. I decided to get my dad to model for me, and washed his face with water so that I could include the water in the image. I then thought of using a dish strainer and a flashlight to make the disco ball like pattern for the geometric part of the image. Altogether the image wasn't what I originally thought of, but it's pretty close, and I think with the editing I made it a little better than before! Before it was awkwardly bright and the water wasn't so obvious, but I lowered the exposure and brightened the highlights to make the water pop out more and get rid of the awkward brightness of the image and make it more dark and interesting, in my opinion!