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These are my 10 images for the silhouette project. The objective of this project was to create 10 images where a silhouette is featured. A silhouette is just the outline of something, so to create this images the subject had to be backlit by a light. I found this project harder than the other photography projects we've had so far, but overall I like the images that I came out with so the challenge was well worth it.

One of the main challenges with this project was finding unique images to take with limited light sources. None of my images really use the sun as a light image, other than the two of the trees, because while the sun was setting I was in rehearsal and couldn't take pictures. But I found other fun ways! For some images I tried to use the lights in the light room to backlight my friend Sera, but I found that it didn't really work. So, I used my phone flashlight and put it next to her face and got the Dim Light image. This image is kind of not really a silhouette, but I really liked it and put it in here because I think it might technically count and I really like the outline of light on her face. For some other images I had people stand in front of a light source, like a lamp or a lit hallway or the lights on my garage, and took a picture of their silhouette, hiding the light bulbs behind their heads so it looked like it was glowing. Or, with the Winning Throw and Reach image I took a softball trophy and my hand and put them in front of a night light.

My favorite image I think is the Halo image. I was walking down the hallway with my friend Lauren and saw the huge circle lights by Ms. Whitmore's room and thought that they looked like those halos depicted in art. I got on the ground under Lauren and asked her to look forward, and got this image! I decided to make it black and white because I liked the way it brought out her glasses and the colors of the original image were a little gross.