Film Roll #1

Anna Labbe


DECEMBER 13, 2018

This was my first film roll project, and I had a lot of fun with it! The objective of this project was to complete a whole roll of film, taking about 25 pictures. Then, we had to develop these pictures, create a contact print, and then chose one image out of the 25 to enlarge on a large piece of photo paper.

Most of the photos that I had taken were in the school, and at first I really struggled with finding proper lighting, because I knew that bad lighting conditions could affect the range of value in the developed film. Then, I started playing around with the lights in the light room and discovered that they could give me a pretty full range of value since they are so bright compared to the darkness of the room, and that they made pretty cool shapes and shadows with the objects in the room.

To develop the film, we had to make sure that our film cameras properly rewound the film before taking the cartridge out of the camera, or else all of the film would be exposed and we would lose all of our images. Then, we had to wind the film and put it in a metal casing, all in the darkness of a black bag, before we could start the developing process. I think that the developing process of the film rolls was pretty fun, because the whole time it's suspenseful because you really want to see how your negatives came out. Once my film was (luckily) successfully developed, I used the enlarger to develop the negatives on a blank sheet of photo paper, creating mini versions of all the pictures I had taken with the film.

Ultimately I decided on this skeleton picture because I thought that it was really cool and ominous, like a creepy skeleton. I also liked it more than the others because I thought it was more interesting, as opposed to a bench just sitting in a hallway. Overall, I really definitely enjoyed this process!.