Concentration Projects

The objective of this project was to create two projects, a series, with the same theme. My chosen theme was rainbows. The project(s) could be made with different materials and objects, but they had to have the same theme. I decided that I would focus specifically on making the colors, as my project is all about very colorful rainbows. My first project is a pop-out type project that can be hung on a wall, and looks pretty interesting from both the front and side views. My second project was a string-and-nail project that is layered colored string over each other, tied to the nails.

I made the first one by first drawing out a very loopy and strange design. I think went in that design and made a bunch of smaller loopy shapes, to be the actual paper pieces. From then, I would start with one color, make three copies of that shape, then make a smaller version of that shape with the next color in the rainbow, and worked from there until I got it as tall and big as I wanted it. It was very time consuming, as I had to cut out every little piece of paper, and then glue it onto small pieces of cardboard to make it pop out, and then glue it to another piece of paper. However, I like the way it came out in the end.

My second project was a little bit easier. I had already worked with thread and nails, so this time I knew that I had to use a hard background that the nails would stay in, so I decided to use wood. Hammering in the nails was probably the most difficult part, and then from there I tied knots around the nails with string and made the arrow-like shapes. I arranged the nails in a way that the shapes could go in and out of each other. I decided to have them be curvier at the ends because my first project was very loopy and smooth, and I didn't really want this one to be all sharp points and corners, even though there are some.

When we first started this project, I wasn't sure what I was going to do for a theme, so I decided to do something I don't really do a lot. I don't often do abstract projects or projects that aren't a literal object, so I thought that that would be fun to play with. And I chose the rainbow colors because rainbows have always been relevant in my life, like a symbol of my family (which sounds kind of weird) after my cousin. They also make really interesting pieces.