Anna Labbe

Blood Runs Thicker

February 6, 2019

For this project I didn't really know what to do at first! The goal of the project was to come up with an image that had something to do with feet. I really want to be able to tie in all of the assignments with my concentration of water, so that was probably the biggest obstacle that I faced. I didn't want to do something super similar to my hands project, because I don't want my final portfolio to end up boring, but I also want my portfolio to look well put-together and themed, not so sporadic like a breadth portfolio.

Ultimately, I decided to just grab some paint and hop in my tub, which sounds kind of weird but it's the first thing that popped into my head. I was sitting there, with my watercolor palette (because I do NOT want to stain the white tub), and I thought it would be kind of cool to have some dripping colored water. On my foot. Because feet was the assignment. However, I started with red, just applying some watercolor paint to the top side of my foot, when the red started dripping down onto the white tub and I was like, that's cool! It looks like blood, so I should run with that and should make it look like blood! Also, I decided to use flash because the lighting in my bathroom is VERY yellow, and I liked the bright exposure that flash allowed. Ultimately, my image ended up looking like something out of a crime scene, which I think is pretty cool, especially because it's not even blood, it's water!

For editing I decided to keep it pretty simple. I'm not a contortionist, so I couldn't take any pictures of my foot super angled the way that I wanted to, so I took them from farther back and cropped them to make them look like they were taken up close. My red watercolor was also a little too pink, and not blood red, so I decided to lower the saturation to make it look more blood-like, and just make the picture have a more darker look / tone overall. Or maybe it doesn't even look like blood, maybe it looks like I stepped on some berries!