Word Graphic

I began this project by picking a noun out of a bag. Everyone had to contribute a noun, and then pick one that was not theirs out of a bag. The noun I picked was "body", and using that noun, I had to create a graphic image that showed that word through its object. So, I created the word "body" out of a body, or parts of the body. The graphic had to be simple and in graphic design form—kind of like a logo. When I first got my noun, I was a little hesitant and confused at first. One of my main problems was that I couldn't automatically connect an image of a body with any of the letters of the word. I was thinking about doing a human's body, more specifically a women's, to represent body image and how they come in all shapes and sizes. But then I thought of something that could be a little more different and possibly gruesome. I liked the idea of taking about the body parts to create the word, showing individual parts that make the body beautiful. I also think it shows that a person is much more than their parts. A body is only a sort of vessel, and while it is important, there is much more to humans than their outsides. To make this project I first wrote out the word in the middle of the box, and then used pencil to sketch out all of the body parts I wanted around it to make them fit. Then I decided on the final design and went over it in sharpie to make the lines stand out more, then erased the pencil marks. I wanted to keep the colors and lines simple and clear because there was a lot to look at already with the crowded design.