The objective of this project was to create a drawing using three different art techniques: ink, charcoal, and graphite. The ink and charcoal were mandatory, and the graphite was optional. I chose a picture that I had taken of my favorite dock at my camp to turn into black and white and transfer onto the larger paper. Once again, I used the graphing technique to get the picture as proportional and realistic looking as possible.

This project proved to be more difficult and take longer than I had originally thought it would, but overall I enjoyed creating it. For the dark lines on the dock, I used ink and also for the wheels at the end of the dock because they are the darkest places in the picture. From then on I used charcoal at the bottom of the picture and for the tree in the left hand corner because I wasn't able to access any ink after that. I also used a lot of graphite because my picture was very light, and I didn't like the way the charcoal looked when I used it for light spaces, even after going over it in white charcoal.

I chose this picture once again because my camp is very important to me. This dock represents where I used to fish with my dad and sister all the time, and also where all of our boating adventures began my whole life going to camp. I was inspired and driven to use this picture and make it as good as I could because the picture depicts something very important in my life that played part in making me who I am today.